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Mumbai India PHP Shopping Cart Script, Online Shopping Cart Script, Real Estate Portal PHP Script in Mumbai India, Shopping Cart PHP Script. A Shopping Cart is a online application that runs on the Web server and allows your customers to do things such as searching for a product in your store catalog, adding a selected product to a basket, and placing an order for it. Shopping cart allow users to buy & sell products online.

Standard Features of the Shopping Cart (.Net or PHP depending upon type of gateway)

Shopping Cart - Dynamic Part :-

  1. User side

  2. Admin Side

A) Shopping Cart User Side :-

  1. Display of your product under different Category.

  2. User can search them via product name.

  3. User has to register to purchase them

  4. User can purchase or order as many items as he or she can

  5. User will have facility to select paypal and bank gateway

  6. Admin Side

B) Shopping Cart Admin Side :-

  1. Creating and maintaining product/catalog inventor.

  2. Hosting all products / catalog information.

  3. Grouping all products / catalog information based on category/pricing.

  4. Displaying all the hosted products on the website in form of online shopping store

  5. Product / Catalog to category or sub-category association

  6. Product / Catalog paging options supported, in case of large list of category

  7. Multiple product additions to the shopping cart

  8. User login and account sign-up required

  9. Customer administration panel for updating their profiling, shipping or billing information

  10. Comprehensive product display and management

  11. Multi-hierarchy intuitive navigation allows to jump back to any category

  12. Customer profile maintenance, mapping customer-to-orders-to-delivery status

  13. Admin will have the rights to activate and deactivate the “Bulk Buyers”.

  14. Admin will be able to put 2 rates for a single products viz., “Bulk Buyers” and “Retailers Rate”

  15. Discount Coupon Module - Coupon can be generated and its activation and expiry date can be defined.

  16. Secure Payment Gateway Integration Paypal & Bank